23 February 2022

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ONEXOX and TKKR Team Dynamics Strengthened with the latest TKKR Video Release and Launch of ONEXOX TKKR BMW Team Bike

ONEXOX today officially launched the motorsport racing team The Komanz Kru Racing Team (TKKR) historical journey video, which unfolds the team’s evolvement and achievements since its establishment for the public to witness, as well as ONEXOX TKKR BMW Team 2022 Bike and Livery. The online event was presided by Encik Bobie Farid Shamsuddin, CEO of ONEXOX accompanied by Encik Mohammad Khatab Mahvi, Head of Sales ONEXOX. XOX Berhad and ONEXOX are the main sponsors of TKKR and the video.

During the chit chat session at the launch, En Bobie Farid highlighted that the sponsorship by both XOX and ONEXOX for TKKR was driven by the motive of nation-building agenda for the country. “As a responsible corporate, we believe that we have a role to play in expanding the country’s diversified talents, especially the young group of people. Motorsport is chosen for this purpose as there are numerous local talents in this sport and the boundless potentials that this motor racing industry could unlock, which is a win-win-win scenario for the corporate, the sport itself and the country,” said Encik Bobie Farid.

“Being a technology company that highly believes in evolvement and continuous growth, we would like to emulate this in growing young talents from grassroot levels in motor racing to professionals with international achievements,” Encik Bobie Farid added further. Encik Bobie Farid is also the Team Principal for TKKR Team


Meanwhile, Encik Mohammad Khatab concurred and foresees the collaboration as a dynamic long-term relationship between XOX, ONEXOX and TKKR Team. “We believe the synergy of the collaboration aligns with our strategic business initiatives. Most importantly, it would maximize the benefits to our dealers as TKKR carries the ONEXOX brand not just locally, but also at international level,” mentioned Encik Mohammad Khatab.

The 6-min video featured the story of TKKR from its humble beginning to where they are now as an inspiration for the young generation. The video also illustrated the team’s spirit and passion in the sport, advancing through all stages till finally achieving successes up to international categories. Meanwhile, the launch of ONEXOX TKKR BMW Team 2022 Bike and Livery signifies TKKR’s readiness in pursuing and fighting for the 2022 Asia Championship.

TKKR was the champion for ASB1000 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) in 2019 and recently won the third placing overall for CP125 Category for the PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix 2021.

TKKR Team was established in 2016 and is the first Malaysian racing team that competed in 5 championships during 2019. To date, the team has competed in more than 20 championships and won 5 top-three placing out of the total championships participated.

24 February 2022

About One XOX Sdn Bhd

One XOX Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputera company and a subsidiary of XOX Berhad which has been operating as a Virtual Mobile Network Operator (MVNO) since 2005. One XOX Sdn Bhd which was established in 2014, exclusively carries the ONEXOX brand to market XOX products with a unique and distinctive mobile service plan.

About TKKR Team

The Komanz Kru Racing (TKKR) Team is a well-known private two-wheel motorsports racing team in Malaysia, which started their journey since 2016. The team has gone from national championship till world championship through hard-work, endless effort, commitment, and achievable idea with strategic planning. TKKR is the first Malaysian racing team that has competed in 5 championships during 2019. With a strong and competent rider alongside with experienced crew, TKKR Racing Team has evolved from the underdog team and become one of the biggest competitors among racing team in Malaysia motorsport industry.