Frequently Asked Questions

Who are XOX Networks Berhad and its group of companies?

XOX Networks Berhad and its group of companies are handling and specialising in the following segments:

Event Management

Event and artist management as well as provision of ticketing solutions. Our ticketing solutions deliver ticket management systems and infrastructure to event organisers and can accommodate a wider range of customers, offline sales counters, optional payment gateways, custom ticket choices, entry scanning facilities, report analysis and dispatch services. We continuously improve this platform to ensure it stays competitive in the market.

Our Group ventured into the e-sports which is expected to generate a new revenue stream for our Group following an increased adoption of digitalisation due to the COVID-19 pandemic as more people rely on digital products as a medium of communication in order to limit close physical contact.

Information and Communication Technology

Trading and distribution of computer hardware and parts as well as telecommunication products, marketing and distribution of software with provision of related training and materials;

Financial Solutions

Provision of money lending services.

Digital Media Management

We serve clients by complementing all services provided by offering them to explore in various marketing platforms, especially digital media to maximise their promotion campaign and publicity.

Why choose XOX Networks?

With the team’s wealth of experience in various specialisations, the team has always been ready to deliver top level quality services to clients from initial planning to final delivery.

How do I get in touch for more information about XOX Networks’ services?

To get more information, please contact +60 11-5881 6040 or click here.