09 March 2021

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Komarkcorp Set To Boost Export Orders By USD4.8 Million

Balakong, 9 March 2021— Komark Mask (M) Sdn Bhd (“Komark Mask”), a subsidiary of Komarkcorp Berhad (“Komarkcorp“ or “the Company”), yesterday has received a further official enquiry in the form of a Letter of Intent from Robayu Corporation in Poland for a total of 48 million pieces of 3 ply medical grade masks, over 12 months period, to be directly exported to the United States of America. The order is expected to mirror European pricing counterparts to be valued at USD4,800,000.00.  

This is following the FDA certification received by Komark  Mask  for  its  3pIy  disposable medical masks which is now fully certified and listed on the FDA website, last week (https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfRL/rl.cfm?lid=726352&lpcd=QKR)

Malaysia has taken the limelight in 2020 with disposable medical supplies like PPE, disposable surgical gloves and face masks.

The demand for affordable, good quality and medical grade disposable masks remains buoyant, as the world grapples with the mutating Covid 19 pandemic. Vaccinations aside, there is a new paradigm shift in the lifestyles of the global population, where masking and sanitising has become incorporated into daily lives. 

"Without a doubt, the effect of constant masking and sanitising has brought about less ailments like flu, cough, and other menial sicknesses that normally affect humans," said CEO CJ Koh. 

"What we are seeing in our dealings with overseas and export discussions, is the reluctance to rely on Chinese made products, due to the leftover angst from the trade war during Donald Trump’s regime. As such, being locally manufactured in Malaysia, with internationally authenticated registration and certification, and priced attractively to supplant United States own manufacturing of N-95 and 3-ply masks, we are expecting more and more export orders to Western Economies," added Mr. Koh. 

The Letter of Intent is subjection to various commercial conditions to be finalised such as logistics, payment terms, deliverables and regulatory export approvals to USA. The definitive agreement and purchase order is expected to be finalised and confirmed within 60 days, with initial delivery slated to be commencing third quarter of the year. 

Komorkcorp 5et To Boost Exaort Orders Bv GSD4.8 Million contd. )

Komark currently manufactures its masks at its flagship Balakong plant, totaling 150,000 sauare feet. There are immediate plans afoot to revamp its other manufacturing sites in Bangkok, Indonesia and Johor to cater for additional output, as the Company expects demand to scale higher over the next 12 months. 

"Due to travel restrictions, we have to compact our production into one factory at this point, but as our export business grows, in order to remain competitive, we will have to mobilise our other silos to cater for regional demand,” added Mr. Koh. 

Komarkcorp has also invested in new machines capable of producing children masks and will be submitting for certification approvals to ensure its children masks are of the highest standard possible.